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This is a bit belated, but I just wanna thank khoerling & tidegear for showing up last Sunday Saturday to the meet. It was cool to have a 4-person meet for once. Sorry it was so brief. Jon, who grew up in Chicago, couldn't handle this extreme SoCal Winter we're having (he can get his own damn ride next time) and I had a prior engagement....which was cancelled at the last second. Grrrrr.

Anybody have any recommendations on when/where to host the next meet?
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This Horse Ain't Dead Yet!

Anybody down to meet-up at Cafe Ruba this Sunday around 5-ish for a good `ol fashioned DS Meet? I'll be there regardless, so let me know!

Also, I've gotta get this off my chest, there are some people in this community that have never shown any interest in showing up for a meet beyond clicking the "add community" link on the info page. If you're not ever going to show, or dare I say it, arrange your own.....why did you join? I won't ban you or anything, but it just seems really silly to me.
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So uhhh....I guess I flaked out on my own community about setting the meet-up time. So how about Sunday at 5pm? What's that coffee shop off of Newport that used to be Rock n' Java and Grasshopper and 40 other names. Right next to Condom Revolution? That one!

Sorry if it's too soon.

Poll #537194 Yay or Nay?

Can you make it Sunday?

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Ok, it's that time again

3rd Monthly DS Meet-Up

Attendance has been pretty low, so I'm not sure if I just creep you guys out or it's just too damn inconvenient. So to make it more convenientfor people...

What night of the week works best for you? You can click more than one box.

Sunday 07/17/2005
Monday 07/18/2005
Tuesday 07/19/2005
Wednesday 07/20/2005
Thursday 07/21/2005
Friday 07/22/2005
Saturday 07/23/2005

Where would you prefer to meet up?

Coffee Joint
A Bar
Town Center (The Block/Spectrum/Etc)
A Bowling Alley
Other (Leave Comment)

Where do you live?

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The 2nd Monthly Meet-Up Tonight @ Diedrich's In Lake Forest. I'll probably be down there around 7pm getting something to eat first. They've got a couple resturants in the area.

Here's the info:

Diedrich's Coffee
22621 Lake Forest Dr
Lake Forest, CA (Map)
(949) 837-4555

AIM: mobileegon

Hope to see you there.
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Anime Expo 2005!

Not to steal egonix's thunder or anything from his post a few minutes ago, but Anime Expo is coming July 1st~4th to Anaheim again (and I'm sure at least some of you DS-ers are interested in that general realm of Japanese culture), so like. Is anybody planning on going? There could be another DS meet-up there, and it'll be jolly good fun, and such!

I'll be there all four days sitting around in the artist alley, so if there's going to be any multiplay going on there, I'll most likely be there?